Filmmaking Education

The Osio’s Community Spirit is Growing!


The Osio has always had a community spirit. We open our theaters to local nonprofits, offer special showtimes for those who need them, and partner with community organizations to serve their clients.

Now that she’s a nonprofit she needs to do more, so she’s launching a new educational outreach to bring film and filmmaking classes to our community.

Film Festivals

Next June we will present the 2020 Monterey County Film Festival: Diversity is Our Strength! It will run two full Saturdays on-site at the Osio, and off-site for one Saturday in Seaside.

Chosen films will feature local filmmakers’ short films plus a feature film each evening. We are currently reaching out to the community to form a steering community to choose the festival films. 


We’re excited about introducing underserved families to the world of fine film as so many are unable to see movies in theaters.


The Filmmakers’ Lab

We all need a good foundation to grow and mature into happy, productive adults but not everyone is so fortunate. There are communities on- and off-peninsula where children and youth struggle under the weight of serious poverty, a heavy burden. We intend to lighten their load with The Filmmakers’ Lab, bringing our young neighbors the joy of creativity through a lens.

The Filmmakers’ Lab will soon begin serving students at Walter Colton Middle School, where 90% are Latino and 84% qualify for free/reduced-price meals. Nearly 70% of students in these schools read below grade level. 


Time and time again we’ve seen creative opportunities break down students’ barriers, allowing them to stretch out and begin to learn about themselves. In the process, they learn problem solving, self-advocacy, and pride in who they are.


The end goal is not only to empower students to tell their stories and inspire an appreciation of the art of film, but to improve our community as a whole.


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

When the Osio became a nonprofit, that meant she belonged to everyone – you and hundreds of your friends and neighbors. You all rallied around her to keep her open, and she still needs you!

We need volunteers and donations. Please email us for volunteer information or donate below.


Please donate to the Osio to make her new programming a reality!