Monterey’s Osio Theater converts to a new model as a nonprofit


"Management of downtown Monterey's indie movie theater is changing again, this time with a transition to nonprofit status. The IRS granted the Osio 501(c)(3) status in September, and in February, the board announced the new structure."

Osio Theater becomes non-profit


"Becoming a non-profit opens the doors to fundraising and grant opportunities. As the film industry moves into the digital age changes at major studios could necessitate different equipment. Non-profit status will allow the theater to fundraise for that equipment."

The For-Profit to Nonprofit Transition: A Movie Theater as Cultural Phoenix


"After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Osio is now staging a grand reopening to celebrate its transition to its new state as a nonprofit-owned theater. Among its intentions is to bring a steady stream of independently made and distributed films to the community.

Monterey’s Osio Theater to have grand reopening as nonprofit organization


"Monterey’s Osio Theater will have a grand reopening under its new status as a nonprofit organization. The popular downtown independent film house closed a few years ago, and was brought back months later through community support and the determination of former employees."